Mardi Gras Caption Contest!

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Mardi Gras is coming and we need your help! We need some same sex and poly themed postcards to let the world know that Imanadari Counselling is a fun (and safe) space for same sex attracted couples and poly peeps.

Help us caption our post cards with some same sex attracted and poly misunderstandings.

For example -

"And then I realised... I was caught in the lesbian web of death."

"And then I realised...that's not what drag racing means"

"No, no, my husband's partner is lovely - it's just her girlfriend I can't stand!"

Leave your best caption in the comments. Our favourite caption will receive a $50 gift voucher from Max Black and will go on our new postcards to be used at Mardi Gras Fair Day and beyond.

The difference between being a "fat man" and a "fat woman"

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This fantastic article by Michael Young on "The Rainbow Hub" helps to hilight an all too common issue for people who identify or are perceived as women who may also struggle with their weight. 

Sterotypes about people whose bodies do not fit into the idealised norm abound. If you weigh more than the average person (or sometimes, even when you ARE the average person) your body becomes "public property". It is considered acceptable for others to leer, pass judgement and make comments about your personality and your appearance, based purely on what they see.

This is particulalry difficult when other people ascribe a morality to a persons weight or appearance, deciding that somehow it is a "moral duty" for women to remain young, thin and beautiful at all times, and woe betide anyone who may choose (or be forced via their biology) to appear otherwise. 

It is important to note that Michael still experiences size-ism when passing as a man. However, when it is robbed of it's societal backing, Michael finds that it is nowhere near as "vehment" or as "pervasive" as it once was. 

The "lived experience" of sex and gender diversity

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Wanted to share this blog entry from "Head Above Water". Tommy spent three days dressing in women's clothing to see what kind of reactions he would get. His experience is a perfect example of a phenomenon called "Minority Stress Theory". 

I have been wanting to write about this for a while, and will hopefully have the chance to write a full blog entry on this eventually. In brief, minority Stress Theory is the theory that sexual minorities have higher rates of physical and mental illness because they face extra stress every day, just by existing.

This stress can be subtle and overt, like reading a magazine and seeing yet another example of heteronormativity, or being harassed on your way to work.

Tommy's experience showcases this experience beautifully. He felt ready to give up and give in after only three days. Imagine needing to deal with this for an entire lifetime! 

Everything You Wanted To Know About Human Sexuality But Were Afraid To Ask

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Wanted to share this fantastic educational video from Hank Green -

Everything You Wanted To Know About Human Sexuality But Were Afraid To Ask

A succinct description of the different ways that we can describe human sexuality from biological sex to gender to sexual orientation. 

On the Couch with a Muslim Therapist

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A fantastic upcoming event with psychologist Sekneh Beckett


Psychologist Sekneh Beckett will speak at Queer Thinking, Seymour Centre on 16 February Saturday, 12 pm.

On the Couch with a Muslim Therapist

Sekneh’s personal and professional odysseys will be weaved in this talk. She unveil’s the narratives of Muslim and non Muslim youth who are negotiating the relationships between religiosity and sexualities. This talk will offer an alternative option to the “coming-out” discourse and explores alternative ways in which some young LGBTQ youth define the politics of their existence and identifications. These youthful voices will be echoed through this presentation – broadcasting stories of sustenance, agency and freedom, despite the broader socio-political/ religious contexts that might constrain them. A panel discussion will follow this event. 

For more info about Sekneh Beckett, check out the following links -

A small step towards gender neutrality

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Sweden has taken a step towards gender neutrality with the introduction of their gender neutral pronoun "hen".

The English equivalents, that are as yet not formally recognised, are ze and zir (as opposed to he/she and  him/her). Other options for english speakers include referring to individuals with the non gendered "them"and "they", or simply using an individual's (gender neutral) name.

Good on you Sweden :)