The difference between being a "fat man" and a "fat woman"

Posted on July 30, 2013 at 9:00 PM

This fantastic article by Michael Young on "The Rainbow Hub" helps to hilight an all too common issue for people who identify or are perceived as women who may also struggle with their weight. 

Sterotypes about people whose bodies do not fit into the idealised norm abound. If you weigh more than the average person (or sometimes, even when you ARE the average person) your body becomes "public property". It is considered acceptable for others to leer, pass judgement and make comments about your personality and your appearance, based purely on what they see.

This is particulalry difficult when other people ascribe a morality to a persons weight or appearance, deciding that somehow it is a "moral duty" for women to remain young, thin and beautiful at all times, and woe betide anyone who may choose (or be forced via their biology) to appear otherwise. 

It is important to note that Michael still experiences size-ism when passing as a man. However, when it is robbed of it's societal backing, Michael finds that it is nowhere near as "vehment" or as "pervasive" as it once was. 

Categories: Trans, Queer

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