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Imanadari is a Hindi word which can be    interpreted as meaning integrity,        honesty, truthfulness and          sincerity. Essentially Imanadari             is about being true to        your self.

Diversity Positive Services

At Imanadari Counselling, we recognise that it can be difficult to find services which respect the diverse identities, experiences, and needs of people coming to us for counselling, and so we want to link people up with other diversity-positive services and businesses whereever possible. We want to help people find other like-minded environments where they can feel safe and accepted. We hope that the list below will continue to grow as we find other services that share our ethos of inclusivity and celebration of diversity.

If you would like to discuss adding your diversity-positive service or business to this section of our website, please get in touch with us at


The Fix Program
General and Women's Health Physiotherapy
Broadway and Sydney CBD, NSW