Pathways to Psychotherapy with Dr Gávi Ansara

Dr Gávi offers one-to-one psychotherapy and Relationship & Family Therapy for couples/triads/quads and other polyamorous/multi-partnered relationships and families in Melbourne, Sydney, and by distance through securely encrypted Zoom videoconference, phone, email, and/or text chat. For social justice reasons, Dr Gávi sets his full rates below the industry standard. His rates vary depending on the session length, the number of people involved, the type of service you require, and whether you qualify for a financial hardship rate. These services may be rebated through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or MediBank Private. Dr Gávi is unable to provide Medicare rebates for people with Mental Health Care Plans. Please see below for the rebates that Dr Gávi can provide.

Income Equity Statement:

Dr Gávi (PhD Psych, MSc Soc Psych, MCouns) is a Clinical Psychotherapist who is a Registered NDIS Provider and a MediBank Private Provider. He aims to provide accessible services to people with low or no income when possible. Dr Gávi’s paid work enables his voluntary public services for people experiencing extreme hardship.

Dr Gávi charges on a sliding scale, and his rates can be viewed below:

 Combined Annual Income
(add incomes for all adults attending)
 1 Person
 2 People 
 3 or More People
Regular Rate:
$264/1.5 hours
$352/2 hours
$280.50/1.5 hours
$374/2 hours
$297/1.5 hours
$396/2 hours
 High Income Rate:
$330/1.5 hours
$440/2 hours
$363/1.5 hours
$484/2 hours 
$412.50/1.5 hours
$550/2 hours

NDIS Participants

(GST exempt, 'bulk bill' (no fee gap, NDIS pays fees)

(see PDF below for further details)
Individual Assessment, Therapy, And/Or Training 15_048_0128_1_3 
$160/hour bulk billed to NDIS (NDIS pays $160, you pay nothing)
 Improved Relationships category, Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support 11_022_0110_7_3
$170/hour bulk billed to NDIS
(NDIS pays $170, you pay nothing)
 Improved Relationships category, Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support 11_022_0110_7_3
$180/hour bulk billed to NDIS
(NDIS pays $180, you pay nothing)

Self-Pay Hardship Rate:

<60,000 including benefits

With screenshot of Health Care, Pensioner/Concession, &/or Student ID Card

By distance only

[Limited slots below this rate for solo parents and/or income < 30,000]
Contact Dr Gávi to discuss a Hardship Variation Agreement that is affordable for you.
Contact Dr Gávi to discuss a Hardship Variation Agreement that is affordable for you.

Payment Details & Policies:

Despite ongoing legislative efforts by the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) to add Psychotherapists & Counsellors to GST exemptions for health services, all non-NDIS rates include 10% GST. Payment for non-NDIS sessions is due by electronic bank transfer with payment screenshot sent 48 hours in advance for distance sessions and 7 days prior to in person bookings. For overseas PayPal payments, please add the transaction fee. Preventing mounting unpaid therapy bills is part of professional ethics. If you have unpaid fees for 7 days, future sessions may be cancelled, and you may need to rebook. Please notify Dr Gávi immediately if you might need a Hardship Rate to afford payments. Payments are due by electronic bank transfer. Dr Gávi's bank details will be shared after your booking request has been accepted. Please list your name and session date in the reference line (e.g., “GAVI 22NDMAY”).

Important Information on the Limitations of Medicare Rebates:

If you cannot afford Dr Gávi's rates, then Dr Gávi can refer you to a GP for a Mental Health Care Plan and/or therapists who can provide Medicare-rebated services (with a referral from your GP or another source). Be aware that if you are seeking weekly or fortnightly sessions for 3 months or more, Dr Gávi may be a more affordable fit than a Medicare-rebated therapist. Medicare rebates with a GP's Mental Health Care Plan typically cover only part of the fees charged by most private practice Registered Psychologists. Few private provider bulk bill, but Medicare will only rebate 10 one-to-one sessions/year. After those 10 sessions, you will typically pay the full fees.  Australian Psychological Society (APS) 2018-2019 Recommended Fees: $251 per 45-60 mins. Some charge >$251/hr.

Medicare does not rebate distance sessions outside of rural/remote areas and does not typically cover sessions with partners or families. Medicare also restricts the therapeutic methods that can be rebated currently excluding multiple evidence-based methods that are considered international 'best practice'. In addition, the rebate process requires providers to share some of your personal clinical information. 


Dr Gávi is a Registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Provider of Therapeutic Supports as Yosef Ansara, Ansara Psychotherapy, Reg. NDIS Provider #4050035621. Use these item codes:

For psychotherapy for one person:

Improved Daily Living Skills category, Individual Assessment, Therapy, And/Or Training 15_048_0128_1_3

$160 per clinical hour bulk billed to NDIS

For Relationship & Family Therapy sessions with 2 or more people:

Improved Relationships category, Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support 11_022_0110_7_3

For 2 people: $170 per clinical hour bulk billed to NDIS

For 3 or more people: $180 per clinical hour bulk billed to NDIS

Dr Gávi provides ‘bulk billing’ (no fee gap) sessions for NDIS recipients.This means that the NDIS pays for the full cost of your sessions and you pay nothing outside of your NDIS funding. For sessions longer than a clinical hour (50 mins session + 10 mins notes/admin), please multiply the listed rate by the time length (e.g., 80 mins = 1.5 clinical hours, 110 minutes = 2 clinical hours). If you want more sessions than your NDIS funding permits, then you are welcome to discuss self-funded sessions at Dr Gávi's non-NDIS income-based rates.


Be aware for your first NDIS-funded sessions with Dr Gávi, you will need to ensure that you are registered as an NDIS participant and that you have adequate NDIS funds available to pay for Therapeutic Supports within your plan.  

For example, you would need $160 x 46 = $7360 to cover weekly one-hour psychotherapy sessions for one person a year (with 6 weeks per year without sessions due to public holidays, annual leave, etc.).

After you have checked these details, Dr Gávi encourages you to contact him directly by email, WhatsApp or phone to ask lots of questions and see whether he's a good fit for you.

If you decide that Dr Gávi would be a good fit for your team, then you (or your Support Coordinator, if you have one) can contact Dr Gávi directly to tell him:

- who manages your plan (you, a third party, or the NDIS)

- your NDIS participant number and date of birth

- your NDIS plan start and end dates

Dr Gávi  will need will need this information to prepare a service agreement for you (and/or your Support Coordinator) to review. After you have reviewed the Service Agreement and made any edits you wish, then he will need you to sign and return (by email or by post if email is not possible for you) the Service Agreement. Next, he will need to create a Service Booking on the NDIS system. Both the Service Agreement and Service Booking must be completed before your first session. 

MediBank Private:

Eligible MediBank Private members may be entitled to a benefit for Counselling with Dr Gávi as Yosef Ansara, MediBank Private Provider #A099291J. Not all MediBank Private products pay benefits for Counselling (Item Number: BOCN). Due to Australian privacy legislation, you (the health fund member) will need to contact MediBank Private on your own behalf regarding your plan entitlements for Counselling (not Psychology). 

Service Provider Address: To protect the safety and privacy of people coming for therapy, we do not publish our physical address. Please contact Dr Gávi directly for the address.