Pathways to Counselling with Kate

Kate provides counselling to those who wish to pay privately, or to those who are eligible for a rebate from Medicare through the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative, which allows people to access a rebate from Medicare if they have a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP).

Kate charges on a sliding scale based on income and circumstance. Her rates are listed below:

Income Per Annum
Health Care Card / Pensioner Concession Card holders / 
Full time students
 $125 per hour
(after $84.80 rebate from Medicare, this leaves $40.20 out of pocket expense)
  < $70,000
 $160 per hour
(after $84.80 rebate from Medicare, this leaves $75.20 out of pocket expense)
  > $70,000
 $200 per hour
(after $84.80 rebate from Medicare, this leaves $115.20 out of pocket expense)

If you are not eligible for a MHCP, or have used all the sessions in your MHCP for this calendar year, you can see Kate for private counselling. For private counselling, Kate's rates are as above but excluding the Medicare rebate.

If you are seeing Kate for private counselling and you have private health insurance, you may be able to receive a rebate from your private health insurer. However, this will depend on your insurance provider and your level of cover. If you would like to find out whether you may be able to get money back from your health insurance for seeing Kate, you should contact your insurer directly. Please note that most insurers will not provide a rebate for counselling if you are also getting a rebate from Medicare with a MHCP.

Please contact Reception at (or leave a voicemail on 02 8315 7723) to make an appointment with Kate.