Imanadari is a Hindi word which can be interpreted as meaning integrity,      honesty, truthfulness and sincerity

    Essentially Imanadari is about being true to  your self.

Our Values and Ethics

As registered psychologists/psychotherapists, we adhere to a strict code of ethical guidelines. 

As a person coming to Imanadari, you have a right to expect that your counsellor will:

Treat you with dignity and respect

Speak to you in a way that is not derogatory or discriminatory

Behave in a way that is collaborative and non-coercive

Take reasonable steps to keep your information confidential

Only disclose information with your permission (or as part of our duty of care)

Provide you with a referral to another counsellor if you request it

If you feel that a breach of ethics has occurred you can speak directly to your counsellor to resolve the issue, request to see another counsellor, request a referral to another service, or contact AHPRA to make a complaint.

Our Commitment to Best Practice

As registered psychologists and/or professional psychotherapists, we are committed to adhering to best practice. This means that we are continually learning and updating our skills. We engage in regular supervision and professional development to ensure that you have access to evidence-based, up-to-date practice.

If there is an area of education that you think would be important for us, or about which you are curious, then let us know!

Our Commitment to the Environment

As part of our commitment to the environment all of our information and educational material is printed on 100% recycled paper, and we do our best to source our office supplies from environmentally friendly retailers. We support indigenous business where possible.