Imanadari is a Hindi word which can be    interpreted as meaning integrity
honesty, truthfulness and sincerity. Essentially Imanadari is about 
being true to your self.

Wheelchair & Mobility Accessible Counselling

At Imanadari, we believe that quality mental health care is something that should be accessible to all people. 

Sydney Location Accessibility

The main entry to our Sydney premises contains a few steps in the foyer and hall-way. However, there is a separate wheelchair accessible entry for wheelchair users and people with mobility needs. When you book your appointment with us, please indicate you want to use the accessible entrance and we will then provide you with its address location.

Melbourne Location Accessibility

There is an entrance accessible for people using wheelchairs and a bathroom with an all gender single stall toilet with shower and space for changing clothes. However, the bathroom is located upstairs. A toilet accessible for people using wheelchairs can be arranged at another Melbourne location such as in Carlton. The building has adjustable, dimmable lighting, is spacious and generally quiet, with limited traffic noise or movement visible from the consulting rooms. All four rooms are family-sized, with multiple seating options. Soft toys, stimmers, and sensory objects are available.

If you use a wheelchair and/or have limited mobility and would like to book an appointment with one of our counsellors at a wheelchair and mobility accessible location, please contact us.