Imanadari is a Hindi word which can be    interpreted as meaning integrity,  honesty, truthfulness and sincerity. Essentially Imanadari is about being true to        your self.

Why Imanadari?

Imanadari is a Hindi and Urdu word with several different interpretations, just as people who come to our practice come from a range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds and walks of life. Imanadari can be interpreted as meaning integrity, as meaning honesty, as truthfulness and as sincerity. Essentially Imanadari is about being true to who you are.

Imanadari was chosen as the name our counselling practice, because these qualities are essential parts of human health and wellbeing. It is impossible to experience fulfillment and connection with others until you have a full understanding and acceptance of yourself.

It is our belief that people already carry within them all the knowledge that they need to live in line with their own values and be the best version of themselves that they can be. Our role as counsellors is to help you uncover what those values are, and help you to follow those values with integrity and honesty.